Lately I've spent most of my time doing work for  Today, our partnership with MTV Networks was announced, a huge opportunity to the thousands of artists on OurStage and throughout the world to get their music out to the masses.  

It's awesome to be involved with such an incredible project and opportunity as this.  I've been the project manager for a promotion we've done called Needle in the Haystack.  As part of it, we've interviewed bands, done Tweet & A's and created video's featuring artists who have not quite hit their prime.  By pushing these artists on the OurStage and MTV social networks we hope to give the artists the help they need to excel to the next level.

To kick off the initiative, each week MTV will spotlight an emerging artist bubbling up on the OurStage platform in a feature called "Needle in the Haystack" (NITH). Each NITH artist will be interviewed by MTV Music bloggers and promoted heavily as an "artist to watch" across MTVN's sites and through social network channels, including the official MTV Twitter feeds.

-PR Newswire

What an opportunity.  Who knows what the months to come will hold.