In the past 10 years the strives we have made with mobile internet is extraordinary.  As I write this, I'm sitting atop a double decker Megabus to Hartford, CT. By, the way, if you ever get the chance to ride their bus', definitely get there early.  The reward for your time is front row seats at the top of the bus which, I must say, are pretty awesome.

Now of course, Bus' with wifi have been around for a year or so now and it really is a great technology that gives college students like me a cheap way to get between cities, where I can be entertained or do work at the same time.  Obviously, with these new incentives, they're even trying to capture a nitch of business professionals who don't mind a bus and the added amenities make it all worth it.

For years, easiest way to get mobile internet was tethering your cell phone to a laptop.  Widely available today, this technology was long unusable due to slow transfer rates and the ever increasing amount of data needing transmitted through the browser.  With upgraded cellular service towers and providers moving into the 4G realm, we can now have a decent quality internet connection in many places.  

So of course, cell providers are hiking the costs of these services, usually charging $50 or more for modern tethering plans.  In light of all this, we see a new form of technology being developed.  Mobile hotspots such as the MiFi are coming to most providers combining the mobile wireless internet and wifi, router broadcasting, giving a group of people wireless browsing, anywhere they can get a cell signal.

 As many of us may not need these services at this time, they definitely provide a mobile working or entertaining environment for those who purchase the service.  We can look for the speeds and qualities of the service to improve, and hopefully the prices decrease.

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