A few weeks ago I asked a simple question:  How do you blog?

"I've been using Wordpress. I switched from Blogger and to be honest I am not crazy about Wordpress. I've just begun blogging, so maybe it's because I am new."

-Jennie White 

"Wordpress.com has been good to me, but it is starting to hold me back. I want bigger and better, I want more, I want freedom. Understandably, WP.com can't offer me this."

-Jordan Munson

Personally, I've used just about everything and for awhile stuck with Wordpress because of it's wide array of plugins and customization.  This was much easier said than done and often required the knowledge of professional programmer and would probably take me months to complete.  

I switched over to Squarespace almost 6 months ago and now I would never go back.  For example, the interface for editing or changing anything is in place on top of your site and allows easily manipulation for an instant preview.  

Even editing this post is done right on top of my blog!  How cool is that?!  Now of course, you may have to pay for a tool like this, but for all the work that goes into creating something like this, that's fine with me!  Most importantly, it's web applications like this that prove how amazing the internet has become and progressed over the years.  I can remember the days when people began using google, not just because it worked because there was nothing on the page to load.  Compare that simplicity (which still stands to this day) to that of web apps like Gmail and Squarespace.  Pretty amazing.