The buzzword is known by anyone watching television, reading the newspaper, or even just walking down the street.  Twitter.  Companies such as CNN and FOX talk about their twitter account, attempting to get into the "action."  Articles have been posted about Twitter already beginning to die, yet user registration is up, and gaining steam each day.  I created a twitter account a few years ago when I read about it, but never used it, simply because no one I knew was using it.  

Soon through Co-op, I realized I could connect with people in the industry I should be studying and reading about in order to become successful in the future.  When events occur such as the death of Michael Jackson, often word can spread quicker online via twitter than any other medium.  Here at Northeastern, students following the food service on campus were able to try out the new cafeteria prior to it's opening when it announced free meals.  This powerful tool may not be the next big thing (yet) like google or facebook, but it's definitely getting up there.  With the changing wave of communication on the internet, who knows what will come along next.