So, it's not everyday the President of the United States makes a surprise visit to your college campus.  Now grant it, this was for political reasons and close to one of the most swing areas of Boston.  Regardless I was the first of my friends to rise and get our place in line at 9am on a sunday morning.  At that time, there were probably only about 150 people in line, max.  Rumors were 1,100 people were getting in so it was looking good!

Three and a half hours later, there were probably 600 people in front of us (friends bringing friends) yet I still wasn't really worried.  The line was moving and students began saying "Wow the line for a Northeastern vs BU hockey game was worse!" — they must not have known the line was at least a half mile long.  Soon enough, people were walking down the street, or hoping right off the T and pushing in the front of the line.  Many of these people were grown adults!  

Even NU students waiting for tickets for the biggest game of the year waited in line with little problems but grown men and women couldn't admit defeat when the saw a few thousand people beat them to the 02115?

So although, my amigos and I were unable to get into the event, we still had fun nonetheless, and the experiences of the day were pretty cool.